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You Are Holy: The Qedusha Piyyutim of R. Aaron Ben Joseph the Karaite for the Weekly Torah Portions

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This volume presents for the first time an English translation and detailed analysis, together with the Hebrew original, of the poems for the weekly Torah portions composed by Rabbi Aaron ben Joseph, of thirteenth- to fourteenth-century Constantinople. 

Aaron ben Joseph was a central figure in medieval European Karaite Judaism. He was the redactor of the Karaite prayer book, and authored piyyutim, that is, poems used in the service, in that prayer book. Aaron ben Joseph was also a Biblical commentator, whose commentary shows deep knowledge of both Karaite and Rabbanite sources. His knowledge of both Karaite and Rabbanite texts enabled him to weave these traditions into his piyyutim as well.

Each poem discusses the content of the weekly Torah portion and concludes by introducing one of the Biblical verses from the qedusha, which declare God’s sanctity. These poems are still recited today in Karaite synagogues, and this volume sheds light on the substance and poetic structure of these poems.

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