A Project of the Karaite Jews of America
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We are always looking for dedicated and talented people to help us with our mission. Please reach out to us: info@thekaraitepress.com

Academics/Grad Students:
We have already received tremendous support from persons in graduate school as well as those who have already attained advanced degrees in fields that complement our work. We would be honored to have more such individuals join our team.

Suggest a Work:
If you have a suggestion for a Karaite work we should publish and translate, please let us know.

We need the following skill-sets:

1. Transcribers: We need individuals able to retype historical works from manuscripts or from non-copyrighted publications. Most historical Karaite works are written in Hebrew, Judeo-Arabic, or Arabic. There are also several works in Russian.

2. Translators: Most of our publications are translations into English, and so we are particularly looking for people who can translate into English.  We would also be happy to have our works translated into other languages as well.

3. Proofreaders: We use professional proofreaders before printing; but we solicit feedback from several individuals along the way.

4. Cover Art: We use professional artists to develop our cover art. If you would like to help design a work, please let us know.

5. Marketing: We need someone to manage our social media profile and interact with the press in order to gain the most publicity.

6. Typesetting: We use professional typesetters for all of our publications. If you know how to typeset, please let us know.

7. Educational Videos: For each of our works, we would like to produce an educational video describing the most interesting aspects of the work. If you have experience in this regard, we would love your expertise.

Compensation: No one will get rich off of Karaite literature - and the people running The Karaite Press are doing so without compensation. Having said that, we do offer stipends and other forms of compensation for people with unique skill-sets. Of course, because 100% of The Karaite Press' profits go to fund the publication of other works, the long term viability of The Karaite Press will depend on the generosity of time and spirit of all who get involved.

Want to Make a Donation?

If you simply would like to make a donation to the cause, you may make a donation to the Karaite Jews of America, and select the "LIBRARY-books" fund. If you would like to instruct that the money be used specifically for The Karaite Press, please include that in the "instructions to the seller" on the PayPal donation.