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The Karaite Creed & Discourse on Slaughter

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The Karaite Creed & Discourse on Slaughter is the first complete critical edition of the Six Principles of Faith and Regulations of Slaughter of the 14th century Karaite Israel b. Samuel ha-Dayyan ha-Ma'aravi (Arabic: al-Maghribi). These texts are presented in their original Judeo-Arabic with a new English translation. Ha-Ma'aravi's works had a profound impact on Karaite Jewish life in Egypt into the 20th century, when the local community produced Arabic-script editions of the Six Principles and the Regulations of Slaughter. This volume also includes the Arabic-script version of ha-Ma'aravi's works, and a Hebrew version of his Regulations of Slaughter that has circulated widely since the medieval period.

You can download the introduction through the first full chapter of text here.

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